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March 08, 2010



Hi Christian,
I'm a student trying to find his way. Unfortunately I missed your networking speech today at GDC. It would've helped me out a lot. Do you have a write up of it or audio/video of it that I could have? I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

Matt Agnello

Three words could sum it up pretty well: "Don't be creepy."


@Jake: You can get the talk & AV from the GDC Vault.

@Matt: Good advice! Hope you enjoyed the talk!


Hail Serellan! Checked out the Vault, good speech! Attendance & comments means it was a great topic choice too. Keep up the good work...

Matt Agnello

It totally rocked. And even though I missed the beginning of the talk that followed, it was well worth waiting in line to talk to you.



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