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February 15, 2010


Ryan Garcia

i do not own GR on the console, but it is indeed sad to see this go...such a beautifuly made game, such a great concept and so many hours gone by. im trying not to shed a tear at the moment so...yeah. indeed an end to an era, atleast we can still play in on the PC :) thanks for such a great game!

Bill Mumphry

I am a member of a group of @ 30 Xbox live friends who met during the Ghost Recon early days and have been friends ever since. We all are over 30 sadly..some over 40 and are die hard GR fans. What you accomplished in the original GR and GRIT has never been close to being duplicated in any game since. GR2 and so on used a structure and in essence ruined the game for tens of thousands of fans of the original. The "engine" used for the Gr2 and onward series was completely different. Our group was playing GR and grit on the black box regularly ever Friday and sat night until the end. We were the only ones, as most people had moved onto the 360. We all played 360 games as well, but always came back to the best game ever written and designed.

Please tell me that there are plans in the works to bring Gr1 to the 360 marketplace...please!

pool contruction arizona

I missed this game actually. It's been a while since i played it. The updates seems to be exciting.

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