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November 29, 2011


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True that brotha!

The completely fake gun shots upset me. It is strange that this show can afford zombie makeup but cannot afford a couple bucks worth of blanks for the guns.

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Ya i agree to this point of view.....if this show can afford zombie makeup it can easily afford a couple bucks worth of blanks for the guns.


What about all the machine guns (Browning M2HB with ammo) laying around in the streets of Atlanta but they are fighting over a bag of hand guns and bolt action rifles.


I noticed this too and it drives me crazy. Even Rick's huge hand cannon has no recoil. Take the actors to the range, have them squeeze off a few real rounds so they know what if feels like, then have them practice for all of 5 minutes to emulate recoil - the action scenes would be 100% more realistic. Mind boggling decision making by the producers and director(s), but that's showbiz for you.

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